Control and Measurements Lab

The Control and Measurements Lab provides knowledge on analysis and design of control system and active learning environment for the measurement technologies used in Electrical Engineering field.  Students perform Software experiments using MATLAB and verify the results in Hardware and evaluate the performance of equipment’s on the Servo motor, Synchro’s, Compensator network, PID controllers, AC and DC Bridges, Megger and Transducers.

Analog Electronics and Microcontroller Lab

Analog electronics and Microcontroller lab is intended to give the students a practical experience in working with semiconductor devices such as diodes, Bi junction transistors, op amps and also to get expertise with microcontroller programming language. It helps the scholars to develop the knowledge in electronic circuit and processor architecture which helps them to take up the real world projects and enhance their knowledge on the newest trends and technologies. This lab deals with various electronic components and techniques used in analog signal processing, Experiments using digital ICs, Timer (IC 555) etc. This laboratory houses Computer systems and software Keil-51 and provides hands-on experience to interface I/O devices, signal generation etc.

Electric Circuit and Simulation Lab

The Electric Circuit and Simulation lab brings out contemporary engineers by exposing the students to the of basic electrical circuits and help them to hone their experimental skills. The purpose of the lab experiments is to construct electric circuits using different circuit elements. It also utilizes efficiently PSPICE a circuit simulation software tool. The lab facilities enable the students to gain sufficient knowledge on the modern tool usage for Electrical circuit design and analysis.

Electrical Machines Lab-I &II

This lab is equipped with various types of electrical machines which gives hands-on experience with real machines, students gain practical experience & upgrade their knowledge and also wide variety of practical experiments are performed here with combination of different rotating electrical machines.

This Lab Concerns with DC and AC electrical machines power, efficiency, characteristics of electrical machines as a motor, generator, determining the parameters and performance characteristics of transformer, methods of control of the speed of motor, control of the generator voltage, suitable starters and loading arrangements for electrical machines and measuring instruments etc.

Power System and Simulation Lab

The Power Systems Simulation Laboratory is one of the facilities of Power and Energy Systems on research areas include modeling, simulation, and optimization of electric power systems reliability and planning, protection, automation, control and power quality. The laboratory is well equipped with power system simulation software and hardware simulators such as power system micro-models fitted with protective relays, remote terminal units (RTUs), and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).

Digital and Power Electronics Lab

The power electronics lab motivates the EEE students by providing them the better understanding of the concepts and working of advanced power semiconductor devices, various power electronics circuits and converters.

The lab is well equipped with equipment’s and trainer kits to enhance practical knowledge from fundamentals to high level concepts to the students.This lab also provides the platform for the UG students to perform and test their mini projects and major projects performed in various semester.

Relay and High voltage Laboratory

A Relay and High Voltage Laboratory is one of the core areas of technical infrastructure of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department, which provides platform to execute various tests of high voltage Engineering and includes characteristics of different relays and short study of different types of faults in power system.

This laboratory explores knowledge through executing experiments on over current, distance, and differential protection, as well as challenges in protective functions that practically exist in power system. The laboratory also facilitates the conduction of research oriented experiments in dielectric properties of insulating materials.

Schneider Electric Industrial Automation Lab

Schneider Industrial automation lab is the Centre of Excellence for Automation, aims to create knowledge in field of automation, to meet the digital transformation of industrial Era. Schneider Electric & French Ministry of National Education to set up Centre of Excellence with state of the technology lab in the campus to Faculty, Engineering graduates and research scholars

Courses offered under this lab are “Schneider-Industrial Automation” (across all engineering streams) and “Advanced Industrial Automation & Building Automation” (only for EEE students). Training the students in the basics for industrial automation: equipment, architecture, design, input output connection, programming language, software programming. Enabling the graduates to do establish their research work in the lab and prepare themselves for modern industries.

Under study abroad program the toppers across all the branches selected and sent to various universities of France for three months internship. Students from various Universities of France will be given an opportunity to undergo specific period Internship at Schneider lab.

Class Room

Falconary Hall / Tejas Seminar Hall